Media outreach services

Get backlinks + rank higher with media outreach

What is Google’s #1 ranking factor? Backlinks

Quantity and quality of backlinks, or links from other websites to yours, are the main things Google uses to rank websites. Backlinks from news outlets and high reputation blogs pass a tremendous amount of “link juice,” helping you rise in Google’s index.

Charlton Digital does media outreach for physicians and other subject matter experts in healthcare and related disciplines.

How does Charlton Digital do media outreach?

Our media outreach recipe

  1. Start with a story crafted to be interesting to readers–not a story about the client’s company
  2. Add interesting data
  3. Next add expert quotes from our doctor clients
  4. Lastly, we email it out to our list of over 500 health reporters

Why do media outreach?

There are two main reasons to do media outreach: (1) if the media links to your site, you will show up higher on Google (as described above), and (2) if you regularly appear in the media it will help build your reputation as an expert within your discipline. This is true even for people who don’t see you in the news because the news clips and links can often be included on your website for all of your potential customers to see. Appearing on TV news or other news media makes everything easier because if you are the go-to expert, hiring is easier, getting customers is easier, everything is easier.