Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost organic visibility on Google

We have a well-developed, time-tested approach to ranking well on Google. Google is not a mystery. Its secrets are widely known to those who are paying attention. At it’s core it’s an algorithm and we know enough about how it works to make a huge difference for our clients.

Backlinks are the heart of good SEO

A big part of what Google does is count backlinks. The more sites that link to your site, the higher you will rank on Google generally speaking. It also helps if the inbound links are from sites that are (a) high ranking and (b) relevant to your site.

Organic backlinks

Backlinks often just flow in to your site if you do it right. There are two main strategies we apply to get organic backlinks:

  1. Social media following. If you have a following or a network on social media this can be a good source of backlinks. You write content they like, post it, and your followers or connections link to the content from their website.
  2. Boost already high ranking content. Content at the top of Google is considered authoritative so people will link to it without being asked when they write related content.

Backlink outreach

The other way to get backlinks is through outreach. Our two main outreach strategies are below:

  1. Guest blogging. We reach out to high ranking websites within your niche and ask if we can write a guest blog post that links back to your site.
  2. Media outreach. It’s no secret that websites rank higher on Google after the media links to them. That’s why we offer media outreach as one of our services.

You can also get backlinks just by submitting your website to local business directories online. They don’t count for much but if you do it right it can really help. We also offer directory submissions as part of our service.

Content is the soul of good SEO

A lot of what we consider SEO happens on your own website. On-page SEO consists of having a lot of relevant, keyword-optimized content and an internal linking structure that funnels all of the “link juice” from your site to your key landing pages (usually your location pages).

Generating web content and creating a proper internal linking structure is an important component of proper SEO.