Neurology Associates

15-provider medical practice

I helped start Neurology Associates in 2015 and have served as their marketing lead ever since (as an outside contractor). We were really successful in building a strong organic presence for Neurology Associates. This organic present has the pleasant side effect of eliminating any need for the practice to do any paid advertising or sales at all once the practice was established. Most neurologists do hospital rotations to bring in new patients which can mean late nights, weekends, etc., but Neurology Associates hasn’t had to do that.

  1. Google ads to get started
  2. Automate the process to collect patient feedback and ask for reviews
  3. Improve Google organic ranking
  4. Discontinue Google ads when they became no longer necessary

I did do a domain name change for this website, which is of course a big risk for Google ranking. It was tough for a while but worked out well after 6 months or so. Originally it was but we dropped the hyphen. I was able to get the better domain, without hyphen when it went up for auction. The price was $700, a total steal.